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utah wedding venues Do’s Before the I Do’s

Wedding venues in Utah - Do's before the I DO's

Discover the positive side of wedding planning at Utah wedding venues.  You’ve probably read the list of DON’Ts that you must try to avoid. Well, here is a simple list of the most basic “DO” strategies that will give you greater chance of completely enjoying your spectacular day!

#1 – DO take time for courting.  Do step back from the hustle and bustle of planning and remember, the wedding will come and go.  After that day has ended, all that will be left behind will be wonderful memories of the day, but the only thing you’ll be able to cling onto is each other.  It’s just you and him and your relationship.  Enjoy each other along the path getting there!  Little simple thoughts like a shoebox of his favorite cookies, a pint of ice cream with two spoons, a drive up the canyon, will keep the flame very much alive before and after the wedding day.  Whatever you want or have time to do, just do it!

pre-wedding courting

#2 – DO prioritize the most important details of your ideal wedding – Make your wedding and reception what you’ve dreamed, but prioritize those dreams. Take a deep breath now and be ready to compromise for your own sanity, your fiancé’s sanity, and your family’s sanity.  Some find it easier to do by writing your wishes as a list on paper and then rank them as most to least crucial.  Get your man involved as well.  He has thoughts and dreams too.  Do communicate what is most important to you and see how you and your family or bridesmaids can help make it happen.  I imagine having your fiancé there at the wedding would be the number one priority, the non-compromising item and everything else is in some way negotiable!

wedding needs and wishes
Prioritize your wants, needs, and energies.

#3 – DO accept help from others.  You are loved by many who want you to have a beautiful day.  Bridesmaids and groomsmen are there for a real reason, not just to cost money and look nice!  Let them help you how they are able while being reasonable with your expectations.  You’ll want to be respectful of their time, but by all means, do let them play their role.

Helpers at Utah reception centers
Let your bridesmaids help you!

#4 – DO consider your guests.  The time your guests are taking out of their day to celebrate with you is valuable to them.  Be mindful of their time.  For example, the maximum time between your ceremony and reception should be two hours which would include travel time if ceremony and reception are in two different wedding locations in Utah.

Utah weddings at Ivy House at Western Gardens Downtown

#5 – DO K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Silly.  Believe it or not, my mother taught me this one!  This ties into the prioritizing but also applies to the bride that thinks she has to do everything or make everything.  You don’t have to be a D.I.Y. bride on everything.  Sometimes doing everything yourself can be more headache and more costly than if you find something similar and just make the purchase.  Remember, you want to enjoy the path along the way to that final aisle where your new husband takes your hand and you do kiss!

Arranging flowers at reception venues
Let those who love you help you!

#6 – DO pamper yourself the day before.  And at all costs, get a good night’s rest.  You DO want fresh bright eyes for your wedding day photos!

bright eyes for wedding photos

#7 – DO smile and savor every moment of your beautiful day!  If the cake topples over, so what!  Just smile, laugh and take lots of photos of you and your man posing beside it!  Your day will be over before you know it.  The wedding reception center’s lights will go out and it will be just you and him driving off on your honeymoon, forever!

send off at Wedding reception centers in Utah
Jumbo sparklers wedding send off at Ivy House Weddings is part of your package with us!

driving away from reception center parking lot

Real Events at Wedding Reception Venues in Utah – February 15, 2014

utah reception centersThe mother of this bride deserves to be awarded this year’s most dedicated mother of the bride award at all wedding reception venues in utah.  Not only did support her daughter in all the stress and details of planning her daughter’s wedding, but she also dealt with the stress and time to make the wedding cake.  That in and of itself is enough to make any mother have her nerves completely frazzled and ready for a day at the spa.

Beautiful couple at utah wedding reception
wedding cake at wedding venues in salt lake city

The cake is a solid four tiers of exquisite unique decoration styles on each level.  It appears to have a fifth tier made up of gorgeous coral & white roses and blue chrysanthemums.  She created a beautiful masterpiece that was the envy of any of any Utah wedding venues.

utah weddings at Ivy house weddings

wedding locations in utah Guests at wedding venues in Utah

The couple enjoyed a beautiful sit down dinner for about 100 guests of family and friends that was hosted by Utah Celebrations.  Their photographer was the wonderful local professional Margaret Evans.

Comments from Kate, the Maid of Honor, included “Everything was wonderful and everyone was very helpful.  The facilities are absolutely beautiful too.”   We invite you to check out wedding places in Utah like Ivy House Weddings for a stress free beautiful wedding celebration!

wedding reception mantel decorations

Ivy House Tips Covering Wedding Planning Basics

To have the wedding of your dreams, there are basic steps to follow.  Many people feel overwhelmed from all the details of planning a wedding.  They can have a much easier experience, when they are organized and utilize a checklist.  Using a checklist makes it easy to check off the different steps of the planning phase.

Using a wedding planner, either online or just a folder, will keep everything organized for easier planning.  The people you choose to help with the details, or vendors that you hire, will benefit from an online plan.  Begin by putting all the ideas you already have, and have been dreaming about for your wedding, into the folder or online planner.

All of your other decisions will revolve around the next item that you need to take care of, which is the budget that you have to set for your wedding.  On average, people spend approximately 50% of their wedding budget on their Utah wedding reception.  A popular way that a lot of people are reducing the cost of their wedding, while still having the wedding of their dreams, is to hold their wedding receptions in Salt Lake City Utah, at the same Salt Lake City Utah reception center as you have the SaltLakeCityweddingvenue booked.

Ivy House, Salt Lake City Utah wedding venues can provide you with an elegant wedding, while helping reduce your overall costs.  Your Salt Lake City wedding reception cost can be lower, because when you use the same SLCweddingvenue as you do for the receptioncentersinSaltLakeCityUtah, all the decorations and flowers will be the same, plus will not need to be transported.

The brides maids, best man, groomsmen, ring bearer, flower girl, ushers, and anyone else that will be part of the wedding will need to be considered next.  With the busy lives that we all lead, it will be good to get this out of the way in the beginning, so people that are chosen can plan to participate.  Another reason you will want to do this step now, is because many of these people can help with all the other planning details for the wedding venues in Salt Lake City plus the reception centers Salt Lake City.

Now your budget will determine the number of guests that you can invite.  Once all the costs are totaled for the wedding venues in Utah that you have want, your dress plus the other clothing for the wedding that you are providing, the pictures, music, flowers, and invitations, use what is left in the budget for the guests.  When you figure a per guest cost, you will know how many people can be on the guest list.

When the budget is not limited you can consider hiring a wedding planner.  There are savvy wedding planners that have the ability to gain discounts on certain Utah wedding locations.

Utah wedding venues are extremely busy, so book as soon as possible.  Many of the popular wedding venues Utah are booked way in advance, so you will probably have to set your wedding date among their unbooked dates.  The size of the guest list will also be a deciding factor on which Utah wedding reception center to choose.

Get the different vendors that supply everything for the wedding reserved at this point, so you will not be disappointed if they are unavailable.  This is where all those wonderful people that are going to be part of the wedding come in, delegate some of the different tasks, because many of these people are more than willing to help out.

Throw the engagement party now, because you have lots to celebrate about!  Remember to make sure the people you invite to the engagement party are on the SLC wedding reception guest list.  Get busy, you have a spectacular adventure ahead of you, and your closest friends will want to share in it.


Affordable Reception Menu Options

Weddings have evolved into a celebration of marriage, which typically includes dinner, cake and beverages. Western Gardens, Utah wedding reception center specializes in creating beautiful, special moments that both newlyweds and guests will fondly remember.

Food is the essence of our culture, drawing people together throughout the ages. When food is at a wedding it helps guests mingle, get to know one another and provides valuable time for families to become acquainted.

There is a variety of food options available for receptions. If a couple has a larger budget to work with, a multi-course sit down dinner is an excellent option. Another option is a buffet menu, which is less formal than a sit down dinner, promotes more mingling and typically offers a larger variety of food. If couples have a smaller budget, they can still accommodate guests with a cocktail or dessert reception with hors d’oeuvres, drinks and wedding cake.

Some of the most common types of food served at receptions are beef or pork tenderloin, smoked salmon, chicken and a vegetarian dish. It is always important for couples to remember that guests may bring a significant other who has special dietary preferences so offering a variety is advisable. It is best to keep the menu simple, not overcomplicate things or place unusual items on the menu, as this will accommodate most guests and leave them with pleasant memories of the Utah wedding reception at the Ivy House.

It is also important when serving alcohol to make sure that as soon as the reception begins, the food serves immediately so guests can enjoy their dinner and drinks on a full stomach.

Of course, the location of the reception is important when deciding what to serve. If the reception is outdoors, it may be more appropriate to serve hors d’oeuvres. If the reception is in a smaller indoor area, it may be more practical to have a seated dinner versus guests mingling in a buffet line.

Western Gardens Salt Lake City wedding reception works with several catering companies, all offering a variety of affordable menu options that will likely work with any budget. Hiring a caterer makes a significant difference in the quality of food and the ambiance of the wedding reception. It is important that all guests feel relaxed and have an enjoyable time. It is never appropriate to burden guests or family with assignments that include making food. While it is the couple’s special day, it is also a memorable day for family and friends, who all want to share in the celebration and have a truly unforgettable experience.

Sampling a caterer’s menu is very important. Every person has different expectations, taste and it is vital to find a caterer that can help make the food menu an extension of the wedding theme and the overall experience.

Wedding Reception Décor

Western Gardens is an all-inclusive Salt Lake City wedding venue that seeks to help brides and grooms create an ideal wedding and reception experience with fond memories that last a lifetime.

While many couples hire a professional wedding decorator or wedding planner, some brides have the organization and talent to create and decorate the wedding of their dreams. However, it is far less stressful for a bride to focus on other aspects of wedding planning and leave the decoration and décor to Western Gardens. There are certain factors a couple must keep in mind when creating an ideal Utah wedding venue. The most important aspect is setting and following a budget. If a budget is not adhered to wedding decorations can easily run over budget and take away valuable funds from other allocated wedding details. Western Gardens focuses on helping people adhere to their budget while creating an inviting, warm reception area.

Color schemes are a vital starting point to planning decorations. Some couples prefer to incorporate their wedding ceremony colors throughout the reception, to create a cohesive flow. Others prefer to express their artistic flair and seek to invent a creative adventure-filled theme.

The number of people attending the wedding will help determine the size of the reception room. The types of tables and chairs, the setup for the reception area, etc., are determined by how the couple prefers people be seated, etc. This also determines décor and decorations, including tablecloths, centerpieces, etc. Linens and chair décor are available, as well as organza bows tied around chairs to help color themes flow throughout the reception.

It is traditional to incorporate the same flower variety and theme from the wedding ceremony into the reception flowers and centerpieces. This helps keep the theme cohesive and flowing. Some people prefer soft lighting, whimsical tea lights that cast dancing shadows over the tabletops or softly strewn flower pedals.

Dinner plates, glasses and silverware should match the theme and tablecloths. Simplicity is best when selecting plates because it helps draw guests’ attention to the centerpieces and décor.

The area surrounding the reception hall should also have a décor that flows with the wedding theme. This helps create a unified theme, making guests feel warm and welcome. Plants, flowers and pictures are an excellent way to grace the perimeter of the reception area.

Western Gardens is a premiere Utah wedding reception center that focuses on accommodating a couple’s desires and dreams to help create their perfect once-in-a-lifetime wedding reception.

Send the Right Message with Your Wedding Invitations and Thank You Cards

So you already have your Utah wedding venue picked out and booked for your fast approaching special day, and now you have to let all of your friends and family know about it. The wedding invitation that you decide to send to your guest often sets the tone for what you ceremony and Salt Lake City, Utah wedding reception will be like, therefore it is important to choose one the truly represents what your nuptials will be all about.

The thank you cards are equally as important as you invitations. These cards let your guests know how much you appreciated their supportive attendance on this momentous day of joy. Ideally these will match your invitations in style, though there is no rule against mixing it up and choosing a different design.


If you have chosen colors for your SLC wedding venue incorporating these into your wedding invitations and Thank You cards will tie everything together nicely and give a sense of cohesiveness. The colors can be portrayed by either using dyed paper or colored ink. Adding a touch of color will make your invitations and cards pop.

Picture or No Picture

Did you have an engagement photo taken of you and your future spouse? If so, consider including this in your wedding invitation to add a personal and sentimental touch. You could have your portrait either printed directly on the invitation or insert individual photographs into each invite.


The font of an invitation can be a good indicator of what type of event your wedding will be. If it is going to a more classic gala, the use of a timeless script font would convey the intended elegance of your wedding. Though, if you are planning a more relaxed wedding affair like a beach wedding; you may consider using a more modern font that is airy.


Of course you invitation should give the typical details of your Salt Lake City wedding venue, but what else would you like it to say? If you are holding a special event that requires guests to dress formally include this in your invites along with any other specific information that is important for guest to be aware of. As for your Thank You cards, decide whether or not you would like to include a special quote printed inside that will convey well with your personalized hand written sentiments of gratitude.

Paper and Envelope Type

Make sure you chose a well constructed paper and envelope that will be both pleasurable to the eye and sturdy. The first thing your guests will notice about your wedding invitations and Thank You cards is the quality of the paper and envelope, selecting those that are an equal combination of aesthetically delightful as well as durable will work out the best.

If you are holding your wedding reception in Salt Lake City, Utah the Ivy House can assist you in making the proper wedding invitation and Thank Card choice for your nuptials. They offer a wide variety of invitations which can be customized to your specifications.

Celebrate Life and Love at the Ivy House

Planning your wedding? Is your 50th wedding anniversary drawing near? Would you like to celebrate your birthday in a big way? Come to the Ivy House, a reception center in SLC, Utah and we will be with you as you celebrate life’s precious moments. The Ivy House boasts of premiere reception facilities to ensure that your event is something that you will remember and cherish for years to come.

The Ivy House is your choice for Utah wedding receptions, as well as other special occasions. The indoor reception venue boasts of the following amenities: a romantic spiral staircase with balcony both inside and outside, a fully-functioning fireplace, plants to provide a lush atmosphere, classic-style furniture and artwork. You can also have impromptu concerts and have someone play in the reception venue’s baby grand piano.

The reception area is perfect for dancing the night away with its spacious and elegant dance floor, with quality music piped in from the sound system. There are also dressing rooms for both the bride and the groom. The groom’s changing room can also serve as a playroom to keep the children happy and occupied.

The Ivy House provides the perfect ambiance with high ceilings decked with gorgeous chandeliers, as well as candle-lit centerpieces for your tables. Your guests will enjoy your favorite wedding shots or your specially-produced wedding video through a large screen TV and DVD player provided upon request. The Ivy House is located at a central location (at Western Gardens downtown) with ample parking space for extra convenience for your guests.

To ensure that your wedding or event goes smoothly, you can also book a rehearsal session. There will also be an event coordinator that will be helping you through the planning process as well as arrange all the details during the event itself. We can also provide you with a photographer and videographer to record the special highlights of your events.

Our Offerings

Aside from the Utah wedding venue, you can also avail of the following:

Catering. At our Salt Lake City wedding venue, you can choose from a variety of mouth-watering buffet meals at highly affordable prices. The Ivy House will take care of the setting up, serving your guests and clearing after the party. You can also self-cater or hire your own caterer.

Linens. We also provide you with basic linens and more. This is for the guest tables, buffet tables, chairs, cake tables and food prep room.

Floral Arrangements. Make your wedding or event even more picture perfect with gorgeous floral arrangements. Floral arrangement packages can include the bride’s bouquet, flowers for the bride’s maid, maid of honor and flower girls and boutonnieres for other members of your entourage.

Invitations and announcements. When you book your event at The Ivy House, you can avail of a 20% discount on invitations and other printed materials (such as announcements, inserts and other notes).

The Ivy House has what it takes to make it one of the finest wedding locations in Utah. Enjoy your party and let us worry about the details. The Ivy House is where you can enjoy some of the finest moments in your life.