Send the Right Message with Your Wedding Invitations and Thank You Cards

So you already have your Utah wedding venue picked out and booked for your fast approaching special day, and now you have to let all of your friends and family know about it. The wedding invitation that you decide to send to your guest often sets the tone for what you ceremony and Salt Lake City, Utah wedding reception will be like, therefore it is important to choose one the truly represents what your nuptials will be all about.

The thank you cards are equally as important as you invitations. These cards let your guests know how much you appreciated their supportive attendance on this momentous day of joy. Ideally these will match your invitations in style, though there is no rule against mixing it up and choosing a different design.


If you have chosen colors for your SLC wedding venue incorporating these into your wedding invitations and Thank You cards will tie everything together nicely and give a sense of cohesiveness. The colors can be portrayed by either using dyed paper or colored ink. Adding a touch of color will make your invitations and cards pop.

Picture or No Picture

Did you have an engagement photo taken of you and your future spouse? If so, consider including this in your wedding invitation to add a personal and sentimental touch. You could have your portrait either printed directly on the invitation or insert individual photographs into each invite.


The font of an invitation can be a good indicator of what type of event your wedding will be. If it is going to a more classic gala, the use of a timeless script font would convey the intended elegance of your wedding. Though, if you are planning a more relaxed wedding affair like a beach wedding; you may consider using a more modern font that is airy.


Of course you invitation should give the typical details of your Salt Lake City wedding venue, but what else would you like it to say? If you are holding a special event that requires guests to dress formally include this in your invites along with any other specific information that is important for guest to be aware of. As for your Thank You cards, decide whether or not you would like to include a special quote printed inside that will convey well with your personalized hand written sentiments of gratitude.

Paper and Envelope Type

Make sure you chose a well constructed paper and envelope that will be both pleasurable to the eye and sturdy. The first thing your guests will notice about your wedding invitations and Thank You cards is the quality of the paper and envelope, selecting those that are an equal combination of aesthetically delightful as well as durable will work out the best.

If you are holding your wedding reception in Salt Lake City, Utah the Ivy House can assist you in making the proper wedding invitation and Thank Card choice for your nuptials. They offer a wide variety of invitations which can be customized to your specifications.

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