Choosing the Right Venue for Your Reception

Planning a wedding has its own unique set of stressors and considerations, one of which is deciding on the correct Utah wedding venue that fits the majority of your reception qualifications, if not all of them. While reception centers in Salt Lake City abound, there are many that are a mixed bag of questionable quality, limited services, and/or are unreasonably costly. Here is what you should take into consideration before putting down that possibly substantial holding fee on a venue:


Before starting the move towards purchasing wedding supplies and booking your wedding venue in Salt Lake City, you should have a firm grasp of what your total wedding budget is and itemize it. Once this is done you should have an itemized list that dictates how much you have allotted toward each wedding expense such as a wedding dress, floral arrangements, wedding cake, catering, and venue, to name a few. Once you know the maximum amount you are able to spend on a reception location you will be able to narrow down the right Utah reception venue for your big day.


If you haven’t hired a wedding planner you can take a lot out of the guess work  and stress of arranging a wedding if you book a Salt Lake City, Utah reception center that offers you a variety of services such as catering, floral ordering, linens, invitations, hostesses, and musical setups. Venues that present these extra services often provide them at a reduced rate to you due to their ongoing relationship with certain vendors, thus saving you money and the hassle of organizing these wedding services individually.

Type of Venue

Do you want your wedding and reception to take place at the same venue? Would you prefer an indoor or outdoor reception? Are you looking for a location that expresses your uniqueness? These are some of the questions that you should be asking yourself when figuring out which Salt Lake City wedding reception location would work out best for you. Ideally you should not make a venue something that it is not and pick a location that suits your overall personality and style.

After considering all of this, Western Gardens’ the Ivy House has an existing setup that is geared specifically for events like weddings and receptions. Their Salt Lake City, Utah wedding venues present the perfect combination of affordability, extensive services, and an elegant atmosphere that is sure to please both you and your beloved guests.

The Ivy House has an in-house wedding organizer who can assist you in making your wedding and subsequent reception a memorable experience with little fuss. At this Western Gardens venue you are given the opportunity to customize their offered services or employ your own vendors to supply your wedding with the necessary accoutrements.

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