Five Ideas and Tips for Bridesmaid Dresses


bride with bridesmaids in same colors

Your choice of bridesmaid dresses will help keep these beautiful women your best friends!  Consider these ideas and tips as you create your bridesmaid dresses for your Utah wedding reception.  Years ago, Utah traditional bridesmaids wore all matching formal dresses, whether or not the color or style looked good on a particular bridesmaid.  I look at my wedding line and I’m embarrassed to see what I made my “friends” endure.  I almost wish I had talked one of them into giving me their dress just for my own costume box.  I hope their own children are having fun dressing up in them. I’m sure the dresses were never seriously worn again. For all you bridesmaids out there who have endured the embarrassing dresses because you loved your friend, we veteran brides thank you for loving us! 

Pink bridesmaids dresses from the 1980's.
I would love to have one of those dresses for my grandchildren’s costume dress-up box!

Luckily the new modern more savvy bride can get the look she wants and help her friends feel comfortable in the gown they wear for the wedding, plus obtain a new outfit that they can wear again.  If your plan is to have everyone be in identical outfits, go for it!  Just be conscious of body types and color.   

Bridesmaid dresses to match your color palette

Bridesmaid dresses begin with your wedding color palette.  If you haven’t done so already, create a color and idea palette for your wedding day.  There are several helpful tools online to assist you with this:  Nearlyweds color chooser, WeddingWire Palette generatorMagnet Street Color Boutique,  Bridal Guide How To.

lavender wedding color palette example

Other Examples of Wedding Color Palettes:

fall wedding color palette example

spring wedding color palette example


Forward now to your bridesmaid dresses.  Here are some alternative acceptable options to consider as you dress your bridesmaids for your incredible day! 

Bridesmaid Dresses Idea 1

Use the same bridesmaid dresses style but each woman selects their color of choice from your wedding palette

bridesmaid dresses in same style but different colors

Bridesmaid Dresses Idea 2 

You choose 2 or 3 colors that are acceptable from your wedding palette.  Then each bridesmaid chooses the style dress she feels comfortable wearing according to those colors.   

wedding bridesmaid dresses in different styles but same shades of coral

Bridesmaid Dresses Idea 3 

You create a list of “acceptable” bridesmaids dresses that your friends may choose from.  Here are some helpful sites:  A Dressy Occasion, Colors Bridesmaid, Azazie, LatterDay Bride & Prom, DorrisWedding

Dresses with similar colors but all different styles

dresses with different styles in similar shades of blush pink

Bridesmaid Dresses Idea 4

You choose the dress patterns and the fabrics and have the bridesmaid dresses custom made.  dresses in two styles and two colors for older and younger bridesmaids

bridesmaid dresses made from same fabric in the same style

Bridesmaid Dresses Idea 5 

Bag the idea of bridesmaid bouquets, and let your bridesmaids wear fun stylish hats.  Or maybe have all their dresses be of their own choosing and you supply all the same fun hat designed in your wedding style.  Just some ideas to mull around!

bridesmaids in mint green with fun stylish hats

Bridesmaid Dresses Budget

Consider your bridesmaids’ budgets when selecting a dress option.  If your bridesmaids are paying for their own gowns, it’s polite to keep the costs low.  The more options they have to choose from, the more likely they will find something they will more likely wear again for other occasions, remembering your special wedding at the same time.  If you are going to choose a more expensive formal dress that may not be worn again, then it’s a good idea and proper for you to help with the cost.  

In this modern day, a gracious and wise bride can create a beautiful Utah wedding celebration during which her bridesmaid dresses will be comfortable to wear and reflect her love for her best friends sharing this day with her.  

bridesmaid dresses in own styles of gray skirts
Bridesmaids chose their own gray toned skirt and beige shoes

Five options for your bridesmaids dresses for pinterest

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