Wedding Reception Décor

Western Gardens is an all-inclusive Salt Lake City wedding venue that seeks to help brides and grooms create an ideal wedding and reception experience with fond memories that last a lifetime.

While many couples hire a professional wedding decorator or wedding planner, some brides have the organization and talent to create and decorate the wedding of their dreams. However, it is far less stressful for a bride to focus on other aspects of wedding planning and leave the decoration and décor to Western Gardens. There are certain factors a couple must keep in mind when creating an ideal Utah wedding venue. The most important aspect is setting and following a budget. If a budget is not adhered to wedding decorations can easily run over budget and take away valuable funds from other allocated wedding details. Western Gardens focuses on helping people adhere to their budget while creating an inviting, warm reception area.

Color schemes are a vital starting point to planning decorations. Some couples prefer to incorporate their wedding ceremony colors throughout the reception, to create a cohesive flow. Others prefer to express their artistic flair and seek to invent a creative adventure-filled theme.

The number of people attending the wedding will help determine the size of the reception room. The types of tables and chairs, the setup for the reception area, etc., are determined by how the couple prefers people be seated, etc. This also determines décor and decorations, including tablecloths, centerpieces, etc. Linens and chair décor are available, as well as organza bows tied around chairs to help color themes flow throughout the reception.

It is traditional to incorporate the same flower variety and theme from the wedding ceremony into the reception flowers and centerpieces. This helps keep the theme cohesive and flowing. Some people prefer soft lighting, whimsical tea lights that cast dancing shadows over the tabletops or softly strewn flower pedals.

Dinner plates, glasses and silverware should match the theme and tablecloths. Simplicity is best when selecting plates because it helps draw guests’ attention to the centerpieces and décor.

The area surrounding the reception hall should also have a décor that flows with the wedding theme. This helps create a unified theme, making guests feel warm and welcome. Plants, flowers and pictures are an excellent way to grace the perimeter of the reception area.

Western Gardens is a premiere Utah wedding reception center that focuses on accommodating a couple’s desires and dreams to help create their perfect once-in-a-lifetime wedding reception.

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