Making Wedding Cake Dreams Come True

Western Gardens Ivy House is an all-inclusive Utah wedding reception center located in Salt Lake City.

Selecting a wedding cake that reflects the theme of the wedding and the couple’s personalities can be a challenging, yet creative task. Ivy House works directly with Carrie’s Cakes, an exclusive pastry expert that specializes in creating magical wedding cakes. 

Wedding cakes reflect personal style. While the exterior of a cake can reveal a classic elegance or perhaps an eclectic, artistic flair, the most important aspect of selecting a wedding cake is the base flavor of the cake. Guests travel from everywhere to attend weddings, so it is important that they eat a cake that is memorable in appearance but also imparts a delicious flavor. From selecting chocolate, vanilla, cheesecake, carrot cake, red velvet cake, to any flavor of the imagination, the very essence of a wedding cake helps give guests a more memorable experience.

The beauty of multi-tiered wedding cakes is that several different types of cake can incorporate into the structure of the cake. Layers vary in shape and size, ranging from the classic round or square tiered cakes delicately stacked atop one another, to those that incorporate small columns to distinctly differentiate each layer. Salt Lake City wedding venue can help determine the precise size of the layers, as the size will accommodate the number of guests in attendance.

When selecting the number of tiers, it is always important for the bride and groom to remember that preserving the top layer of cake is customary. The cake is typically frozen, thawed and eaten on the first wedding anniversary, allowing the couple to recall fond memories of their wedding and reception. When selecting the type of cake, it is important to select a cake type that will accommodate a yearlong deep freeze.

Decorating a cake is simply a work of art. It is a custom reflection of the wedding theme and the personal tastes of the couple. Decorations are endless; the most popular include incorporating fresh flowers, creating sugar flowers, adding delicate pearls, incorporating vibrant colors from the wedding theme and some are even whimsical, artistic masterpieces.

The delicate frosting that seamlessly combines the cake’s layers is as important as selecting the variety of cake itself. Frosting ranges from the common flavors of chocolate, vanilla, cream cheese, butter cream and fondant. Fondant is in a class of its own as it is a sugary substance that is rolled out much like dough, draped over the cake and form fitted. This gives cakes a seamless appearance, though for some people the texture and taste are less desirable.

The typical tradition for wedding cakes is that the couple cuts the first slice and takes turns feeding each other. A long-time wedding tradition, it symbolizes love, appreciation and trust for one another.

Western Garden has two reception centers in Utah, one in Salt Lake City and The Atrium Western Gardens in Sandy, Utah. Both locations are eager to help create a couple’s dream wedding cake and can coordinate and work together to create a cake masterpiece.

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