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Salt Lake Wedding Venues That Don’t Require Additional Decorating By the Bride

Simple decorating your Salt Lake City Wedding Venues

One of the most chic wedding venues Salt Lake City accommodates is Ivy House Weddings at Western Gardens Downtown.  Brides really enjoy the fact that they do not feel like they have to decorate a lot for their celebrations, but if they want to add more, they are welcome to do so.  With the Ivy House tall silver candlesticks (one of several options) on each guest table, this bride added a touch of tule with votive candles and smooth shinny river stones.  The bridal-toss bouquet served as the flowers on the sign-in table and that was just about it for decorating this sophisticated Salt Lake wedding venue.

Bridal-Toss Bouquet doubled as flowers at Sign-in Table

Tasting the elegant simple wedding cake.

For this event, our bride chose our preferred caterer Utah Celebrations who thrilled the guests with their flaming crepe bar.  Her cake designer was Cake Defleur who created this very simple and elegant cake.  Her photographer was Ashlee Broke Photography and the florist was Mel Kester.

Comments written by the bride and groom:  The Ivy House was beautiful and everything I could imagine as a bride.  Our guests all loved it too.  I will always remember my day because of the experiences I had with Ivy House.  Thank you!      ~ Anna & Pete  May 5, 2012


The Flaming Crepe Bar at this wedding venue in Salt lake City.

Bride and family outside Ivy House

Happy Groom's Man!

Balcony view at Utah wedding venue Ivy House Weddings.




Unique Rose Table Linens Display Style and Elegance at this Salt Lake City Wedding Reception

Elegant cake floating on Rose linens at Salt Lake wedding venue

Hanna created one of the most beautiful and simple cake displays I’ve seen at Ivy House Weddings, one of Western Garden’s wedding reception centers in Salt Lake City.  She chose a simple bold two tiered square cake.  The top tier included a touch of popular frosting beads and crowned with pink spring flowers.  This tier rested upon the bottom layer encompassed with ruffles of frosting, all resting upon a simple white pedestal resting upon a table linen of white 3-dimensional roses with votive candles spotted about.  The scene created the illusion of the cake floating on a pond of roses.  A very elegant scene!

Unique and elegant table centerpiece with floral arrangement & hanging candles!

The style of this bride also included her own unique table centerpieces.  Her florist Svetlana created beautiful floral pieces placed in a unique tall stand that also included hanging glass vases containing votive candles.  Very striking with an elegant touch to accent the Ivy House black iron chairs and chandeliers.  Each table because a masterpiece.

Crepes by Darla Evanson    Delicious dessert bar to enjoy
Refreshments were simple and again, beautifully displayed.  A neighbor friend has her own catering business and catered the event.  Delicious crepes filled with Bavarian cream or strawberries were core, but also chocolate covered strawberries, cream puffs, and fresh citrus ice water dotted the menu at this Salt Lake City wedding.

Hanna and Josh were the honored guests at their celebration of over 500 guests; however, all guests found plenty of room for joyful reunions, good food, and happy memories for the newlyweds.

Beautiful Salt Lake City bride!   Car decor!

Enjoy several photos I took during my visit to this wonderful Salt Lake wedding venue.


Caterer – Darla Evanson

Florist – Posh Possey

Cake – Granite Bakery

Photographer – Jacki Stoddard Photography


Hanging votive candles   Guests enjoying time at Ivy House!  Close up of rosy table topper cake from above Ivy House Weddings space


No Weather Worries at Western Garden’s Reception Centers in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City wedding photos are beautiful outside of Ivy House WeddingsIn early May, this bride and groom didn’t have to worry about Utah’s unpredictable rainy spring weather.  They were the honored guests inside one of Western Garden’s wedding reception centers in Salt Lake City.  Ivy House was the place for an evening full of beautiful memories, great happiness, fond reunions, rowdy dancing, and delicious cuisine.

The bride’s choice of Tiffany blue table linens and ribbons were very striking in Ivy House’s stylish ambiance.  After a brief yet beautiful wedding ring ceremony, the weather cooperated allowing the couple and wedding party to take plenty of photos outside in the gardens.  Adilfa from Don Polo photography was their professional.  She has a lot of spunk and definitely knows what she’s doing.  (The photos in this blog were taken by a non-professional Ivy House employee.)

Salt Lake Wedding ring ceremony Chapel style seating for ring ceremony in Salt Lake wedding venues
About 350 guests savored delicious pastries, fresh fruits, salads, breads, and candies.  Plenty of relaxing conversation was enjoyed by all.  The wedding cake was created by Ivy House preferred baker Carrie’s Cakes.  The stunning and elegant 5 tiers sat as a queen on her pedestal for guests to admire.  This couple chose not to have a traditional wedding party line, but rather mingled throughout Ivy House hall to greet people and enjoy old and new acquaintances.

Another unique thing about this wedding party was the send off of the newlyweds.  The family had made plans for several dozen beautiful lantern lights to send off into the sky.  We all stepped into the movie Tangled as we watched the magical cylinders drift up into the heavens.  The bride and groom sent off a large blue lantern while all the others were white.  These coupled with Ivy House sparklers made for a beautiful finale to a beautiful celebration for a beautiful couple.

Five tier wedding cake Beautiful Ivy House bride enjoying her celebration.

The list of wedding venues Salt Lake City offers to Utah brides is complete with Ivy House Weddings located at Western Gardens Center in Downtown Salt Lake City.  It is a beautiful venue to create your own stylish wedding celebration and dodge the fickle Utah spring weather.    Guests enjoying each other! Table decorations using Ivy House Tall Candle Ivy House garden photo Delicious fruit with lights on spiral staircase

Salt Lake City Wedding at Ivy House is Another Joyful Celebration of New Love

Couple dancing in at wedding venues in Salt Lake CityThis lovely bride and groom celebrated their new wedding vows to each other at a Salt Lake City wedding reception center in downtown with a simple dinner for close family and friends.  Ivy House Weddings at Western Gardens Downtown featured the elegance of Jessica with her simple yellow and white colors with a hint of silver.

self-catered food at Salt Lake wedding receptionThe bride’s family chose to cater the food themselves, which is allowed by Ivy House.  This freedom isn’t all that common for most wedding receptions in Salt Lake City.  Guests enjoyed an array of fruits, salads, grilled chicken, rice, and homemade bread.  There was plenty for all.

Cake by Granite BakeryGranite Bakery created the bride’s cake and delivered it to this Salt Lake wedding venue.  The quilted base tier adorned with pearls and the simple top tier adorned with a beautiful flowing yellow ribbon and wrapped with a silver satin ribbon, echoed the bride’s theme of elegance.   The flower girls were dressed in precious white dresses with a light and airy halo of silk flowers, ribbon, and accessories for an angelic look.

Traditional cutting the cakeJessica and Matt performed the traditional cake cutting and then had their first dance as husband and wife of the beautiful wood dance floor.  Weddings in Salt Lake City are indeed memorable, romantic, and beautiful at Ivy House Weddings.

Happy flower girlThe photographer for this event was Envy Foto by Swensen Photography in Draper, Utah.  Seeing this beautiful wedding will indeed make others envy the beauty of this elegant and joyful celebration.

First dance in wedding Salt Lake City hostedTossing of the bouquet

Bride with children  couple dance

View from Juliet's balcony

Sparkler send off

Planning A Wedding On A Budget

The wedding budget is becoming a growing concern for couples looking for SLC wedding reception facilities.  The amount of money you have available for your wedding does not need to stop you from having the unique, elegant wedding you have always wanted.  A wedding that you have dreamed of can still be yours, even through these unstable economic times.  To prevent anxiety while planning your wedding, use an open mind and take a while to think about the choices you are presented with for the different details of the wedding.

The Ivy House Salt Lake City Utah wedding venues can help you plan a wedding you have always dreamed of, because of their spacious, elegant venue.  There are different choices you can make, that the staff will show you, which might fit into your budget.

Handling some of the wedding details yourself, can save some of your wedding budget money.  Focusing on the fact that you are there to celebrate your blessed union, some of the more expensive parts of the wedding can be reduced without sacrificing the quality of the wedding.

Reserve wedding reception centers in salt lake city, so you will know how much is left in your budget for the rest of the wedding.  Your closest relatives and friends must attend the wedding to help you celebrate your union, however, cutting out other people will really cut down the cost of the wedding.  Every person attending the wedding will contribute to the cost in a number of ways, like the food, table floral decorations, guest favors, cake, invitations, which could all be saved by cutting your guest list down.

Planning to use the same SLC wedding venue, as the Utah wedding reception, can help save on your wedding budget.  Without the requirement of moving decorations from the wedding facility to the reception venue, will also save you unnecessary wedding day stress.

The wedding cake is another place you can save money on, by using a sheet cake for the guests and a small 2 tier wedding cake, instead of a large wedding cake.  The dinner is where the majority of the per guest cost is allocated, so skip the entree and serve appetizers and drinks.  Offering beer and wine, instead of a full bar, can also considerably cut down on your wedding budget.  You can always leave off the champagne toast, to reduce the wedding budget.

Another way to save on your budget is to make some of the wedding items yourself, like the, menu cards, wedding favors, escort cards, along with some of the other wedding details.  You can also save, by making some of the table decorations and flower arrangements yourself.  Create these decorations with flowers in season, and lots of greenery to save on your floral budget.  Do not choose the more expensive flowers, substitute them with non floral decorations.

These are just a few ideas that can help you have the wedding of your dreams, even on a budget.  The Ivy House staff will work with your budget, to provide you with the wedding of your dreams, while using their spectacular Utah wedding venues.

Affordable Reception Menu Options

Weddings have evolved into a celebration of marriage, which typically includes dinner, cake and beverages. Western Gardens, Utah wedding reception center specializes in creating beautiful, special moments that both newlyweds and guests will fondly remember.

Food is the essence of our culture, drawing people together throughout the ages. When food is at a wedding it helps guests mingle, get to know one another and provides valuable time for families to become acquainted.

There is a variety of food options available for receptions. If a couple has a larger budget to work with, a multi-course sit down dinner is an excellent option. Another option is a buffet menu, which is less formal than a sit down dinner, promotes more mingling and typically offers a larger variety of food. If couples have a smaller budget, they can still accommodate guests with a cocktail or dessert reception with hors d’oeuvres, drinks and wedding cake.

Some of the most common types of food served at receptions are beef or pork tenderloin, smoked salmon, chicken and a vegetarian dish. It is always important for couples to remember that guests may bring a significant other who has special dietary preferences so offering a variety is advisable. It is best to keep the menu simple, not overcomplicate things or place unusual items on the menu, as this will accommodate most guests and leave them with pleasant memories of the Utah wedding reception at the Ivy House.

It is also important when serving alcohol to make sure that as soon as the reception begins, the food serves immediately so guests can enjoy their dinner and drinks on a full stomach.

Of course, the location of the reception is important when deciding what to serve. If the reception is outdoors, it may be more appropriate to serve hors d’oeuvres. If the reception is in a smaller indoor area, it may be more practical to have a seated dinner versus guests mingling in a buffet line.

Western Gardens Salt Lake City wedding reception works with several catering companies, all offering a variety of affordable menu options that will likely work with any budget. Hiring a caterer makes a significant difference in the quality of food and the ambiance of the wedding reception. It is important that all guests feel relaxed and have an enjoyable time. It is never appropriate to burden guests or family with assignments that include making food. While it is the couple’s special day, it is also a memorable day for family and friends, who all want to share in the celebration and have a truly unforgettable experience.

Sampling a caterer’s menu is very important. Every person has different expectations, taste and it is vital to find a caterer that can help make the food menu an extension of the wedding theme and the overall experience.