Unique Rose Table Linens Display Style and Elegance at this Salt Lake City Wedding Reception

Elegant cake floating on Rose linens at Salt Lake wedding venue

Hanna created one of the most beautiful and simple cake displays I’ve seen at Ivy House Weddings, one of Western Garden’s wedding reception centers in Salt Lake City.  She chose a simple bold two tiered square cake.  The top tier included a touch of popular frosting beads and crowned with pink spring flowers.  This tier rested upon the bottom layer encompassed with ruffles of frosting, all resting upon a simple white pedestal resting upon a table linen of white 3-dimensional roses with votive candles spotted about.  The scene created the illusion of the cake floating on a pond of roses.  A very elegant scene!

Unique and elegant table centerpiece with floral arrangement & hanging candles!

The style of this bride also included her own unique table centerpieces.  Her florist Svetlana created beautiful floral pieces placed in a unique tall stand that also included hanging glass vases containing votive candles.  Very striking with an elegant touch to accent the Ivy House black iron chairs and chandeliers.  Each table because a masterpiece.

Crepes by Darla Evanson    Delicious dessert bar to enjoy
Refreshments were simple and again, beautifully displayed.  A neighbor friend has her own catering business and catered the event.  Delicious crepes filled with Bavarian cream or strawberries were core, but also chocolate covered strawberries, cream puffs, and fresh citrus ice water dotted the menu at this Salt Lake City wedding.

Hanna and Josh were the honored guests at their celebration of over 500 guests; however, all guests found plenty of room for joyful reunions, good food, and happy memories for the newlyweds.

Beautiful Salt Lake City bride!   Car decor!

Enjoy several photos I took during my visit to this wonderful Salt Lake wedding venue.


Caterer – Darla Evanson

Florist – Posh Possey

Cake – Granite Bakery

Photographer – Jacki Stoddard Photography


Hanging votive candles   Guests enjoying time at Ivy House!  Close up of rosy table topper cake from above Ivy House Weddings space


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