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Hiring a Catering Service for Your Wedding

As you make plans for your big day, the list of things-to-do will seem to go on and on.  You are looking at dress designs, selecting bridesmaids, and cannot decide between white roses or sunflowers.  You also need to find the most ideal of Utah wedding venues for that special combination of service, style and feeling.  You want everything to be perfect and understandably so.  Of all the items on your to-do-list, the food service at your reception is one that will require a lot of management and preparation.  Hiring a catering service may be a good idea.  Wedding caterers have professional experience and industry know-how, and are essentially skilled at balancing all the tasks that will make your vision become a reality.

Having a catering service for your wedding reception is a hassle-free option that will significantly ease your wedding-planning anxieties.  A catering service comes with an immediate availability of resources, supplies, equipment and labor that you would otherwise have to source and manage yourself.  The quality of the food at your Utah wedding reception is another big consideration.  You want your guests to be amply satisfied.  While your dear Aunt Kate might be an excellent chef, there is a comfort in knowing that a catering service can not only guarantee high-quality food, style and presentation but can also manage labor-intensive food preparation for large groups of people. With a catering service, you know that a very major ingredient of your reception’s success is taken care of.  On the arrival of the big day, as the jitters run up and down your spine, your mind can rest at ease with the assurance that the people in the kitchen, unlike you, have done this a hundred and more times before!

There are a few things to think about as you work with the wedding caterers you have chosen for your Utah wedding reception center. Be able to articulate your desires.  It is a good idea to write your thoughts and wishes down as you explore your options.  How will your reception complement your overall wedding theme?  Are you envisioning luxuriously decorated tables and seated meals served by waiters or a formal buffet with waiting servers?  Maybe a self-serve buffet will be more fitting to the warm, relaxed and sociable atmosphere that you desire.  Or if a short, evening reception is on your schedule, perhaps a passed-tray service will do.  Then there are the meals to think about.  What time of day will the reception be held?  At lunch time or dinner?  Do you want a five course meal?  What type of food?  Are you dreaming up an Italian theme with calzone appetizers and a pasta station, or something more suited to the All-American diet?  Maybe you want a more exotic flair with chicken skewers glazed in mango, coconut and basil or ahi tuna sushi rolls.    Be adventurous and creative in your choices but keep in mind your budget, and the people on your guest list with special needs, like your dear Grandpa Joe’s kosher diet.  It may also be a good idea to include standard meals in your menu choices for those guests who prefer the comfort and taste of familiarity.

For your convenience, Ivy House Weddings, Western Gardens’ new Salt Lake City wedding venue, has its own in-house catering service provided exclusively by Heritage Catering.  With a variety of buffet style options and menu items, you can pick and choose to your fancy.  Choose from Garden Buffets, Celebration Buffets, Bow Tie Buffets, Classic Buffets, White Tie Buffets or Dinner Buffets.  Each buffet option is a unique package, and you may select from the diversity of hot and cold hors d’oeuvrs, salads, sandwiches, desserts, pies, cakes, entrees and beverages available.

Your wedding will require a lot of thought, foresight and planning.  Your tasks may at times feel overwhelming, but as you fine-tune the details of this special day, it should also be an exciting experience.  People are here to help you make the journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible!  Selecting the right catering service will offer you a certain peace of mind while you prepare to be transformed by one of the most life-altering occasions in your life and one of the best wedding receptions in Utah!