An Indoor Wedding With An Outdoor Feel

Outdoor weddings have become increasingly more popular in recent years.  Unfortunately, the weather does not always cooperate enough to allow a lot of outdoor weddings, especially for people searching for Utah wedding locations.  Utah has approximately 8 months out of every year that can drop below freezing, which makes an outdoor wedding out of the question for most of the year.  It is easier to search for an open, spacious indoor Salt Lake City wedding reception facility, that offers an outdoor feel than hold an outdoor wedding.

The Ivy House can provide the feel of an elegant, open wedding in their beautiful Utah wedding reception center.  With all the cold, rainy, and snowy weather that Utah experiences, using the Ivy House is an outstanding choice of wedding venues in Salt Lake City that provides lots of plants for a garden feel.  Many guests have commented that they loved the wedding they attended, because of the snow storm they were able to watch out the windows during the reception, providing that outdoor appeal with the comfort of indoors.

Planning to use one of the Salt Lake City Utah wedding venues, as your Salt Lake City Utah reception center, can provide less stress, plus save on your wedding budget.  There are a couple of reasons your wedding may cost less by using this type of strategy.  You will be able to use the same plants for both the SLC wedding reception, and the Salt Lake City wedding venue, which will result in a floral budget savings.  With both the ceremony and reception at the same place, you will not need to buy flowers for both venues, or spend time and take the trouble moving them between venues.

The Ivy House SLC wedding venue has connections with a variety of different vendors, and can recommend many of them to help you with details of your wedding.  You can receive a 20% discount on your wedding invitations, plus choose from, hundreds of different types, to find the invitation that is just right for your wedding.  This Utah wedding reception wedding venue also offers special extras for your invitations, like adding a thank you note, insert or maybe a picture.

Using the Ivy House for your wedding reception centers in Salt Lake City, you will have a spacious, elegant feel, with lots of plants for an outdoor effect.  This is one of the best reception centers in Salt Lake City Utah for photographs, because of all the different places that provide such fascinating picture opportunities.  Guests will use disposable cameras you leave around, to catch shots of the wedding you would never have gotten without the spontaneity of guest photos.  Having these pictures, to add to your professional pictures, can provide you with a wedding album that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Once your budget is set, you will begin to make choices on the catering of the food for your wedding, The Ivy House has 3 preferred vendors that can offer you with any type of wedding menu on a budget you can afford.  By reserving the Ivy House out of all the reception centers Salt Lake City has to offer, you can have a spacious almost outdoor feeling wedding, with lots of plants all over the venue for the wedding of your dreams.

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