Extra Tips For Memorable Weddings

An extraordinary wedding reception can be provided by Salt Lake City Utah wedding venues that provide unusual wedding extras, that will not add a lot more to your wedding budget.  Elegant weddings can be held at the spacious Ivy House wedding reception centers in Salt Lake City, along with added extras for you to experience the wedding you have always dreamed of.

There are lots of wedding extras that can be added to make your wedding one of a kind, which do not have to be expensive, but can add a unique aspect to your wedding.  Adding some extras is important to give your wedding a unique aspect, plus it is one of your most prestigious events of your life.  An extra that includes everyone, is a memorable gift for each guest that attends your wedding reception.  Check with Utah wedding locations to see what all extras they can provide.

Having a plant, like an herb that people can use, placed at every setting with a personalized tag, marker, or pot provides a nice touch that every guest will appreciate.  Choose an herb or plant that people will use multiple times if not every day, so the memory of your wedding will last.  Reception centers in Salt Lake City Utah can often help with many extras you would want to add to your wedding, which will give it a more personalized feel.

Another extra that can be added that does not cost very much, but adds a particularly dramatic effect to any Salt Lake City wedding reception is the addition of lighting under the tables.  When lights of different colors are placed beneath the tables, they will produce an elegant soft colored glow through the tablecloth.  Tables can be color coded using these lights to designate the family members from the guests, along with specific colors for the food and extra tables at your SLC wedding reception.

Adding a specialty food or beverage station can certainly add a trendy touch to any Utahweddingreception.  There are wedding venues in Salt Lake City that offer these type of unusual catering services.  Frozen yogurt or ice cream bars, specialty fruit, sushi, even popcorn can add a unique element, depending upon what you feel your guests would enjoy during the Utah wedding reception.

One of the most popular extras for any wedding receptions in Utah, is to add a chocolate fountain.  Many of your guests love chocolate, and you can offer a variety of types, from milk chocolate to white chocolate.  This one extra will always draw a crowd when it is provided at any Salt Lake City Utah reception center, because almost everyone loves chocolate.

A Utah wedding reception centercan provide you with help on adding extras to your wedding that will provide lasting memories.  Keeping the guests in mind, and trying to provide extras that include them, plus help them build memories of your blessed union for a very long time can be accomplished when using wedding venues in Utah.

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