Informative Topics for Blogs at Wedding Reception Centers in Salt Lake City

Which wedding topics do you need to help you with your wedding plans?  Below is a calendar listing a new idea I’m implementing in writing blogs for Ivy House Weddings, one of most beautiful wedding reception centers in Salt Lake City.  This calendar will help me get to you what you want.  You can see that themes coming up include your wedding photographer, Traditional Christmas Weddings, Decorating with a Budget, helping guests wait in shorter lines, and time schedules for your celebration.  

If you have other themes you want to read about or see on our blog, please ‘like’ our Facebook page Ivy House Weddings and list your subject matter.  I will research those items of interest to you and then post them.   Also, tell me if you like reading about the events we have hosted at our wedding center.  That has been the main focus of our blogs to this point.  What’s your opinion?

Ivy House doesn’t want to be just another of the many Salt Lake City reception centers.  Our privilege is to be YOUR reception center.

Blog posts for wedding reception center in Salt Lake City



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