Do you need a Wedding Program During the Ceremony?

The details are what make weddings more special. You can actually do without them but they do add a little something to your wedding. One of these details would be a wedding program.

To do or not to do?

Do you actually need a wedding program? It really depends on what type of ceremony you want but here are some reasons to include this in your to-do list:

–          Wedding programs tell the guests what to expect in the ceremony.

–          Wedding programs can be used as a way to explain certain ceremonies you opt to include in your ceremony. There are some ceremonies that may be grounded in you or your fiancé’s culture and will need some explanation so that guests can fully understand the significance of such a ceremony.

–          Wedding programs are a great way to thank and acknowledge people who helped.

–          Wedding programs make great mementos for your scrap book!

What does a wedding program contain?

So if you have decided to make wedding programs to be given out on the Salt Lake City wedding venue, the next step would be to determine what these programs will look like.

–          The Paper and overall design. There are a lot of stationery stores that sell quality stock paper that you can use for your program. Choose paper that matches your color motif or your theme or will be a good backdrop for designs that match your motif. There are also a lot of websites and computer applications that help you design your wedding program as well as other printed accessories for your wedding.

–          The Cover. Try to also go with your theme. For instance, if you are having peacock feathers for your overall look, incorporate peacock feathers on your cover design to tie all your wedding accessories together. The cover should contain the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date and time, as well as the wedding location. You may also want to incorporate your photo and other design elements.

–          The Order of the ceremony. The program should contain the order of the ceremony. This gives the guests on idea of which part of the ceremony is underway. The order of ceremony includes when the following will happen: prelude, processional, honoring of parents, officiant’s welcome, readings, charge to the couple, exchange of vows and rings and so on. The program should also contain the names of the bridal party. For each item of the program (where applicable), it is also best to name who is doing that part of the program. This is especially applicable to performers (the band, singer, or readers), as well as the title and composers/authors of the piece they are performing.

–          Explanation of special ceremonies in your wedding. You may opt to have an explanation of the special ceremony you want to incorporate in your wedding, especially if you have guests that are not familiar with you or your spouse’s culture. For instance, one unity ceremony that has African roots is the jumping of the broom, where the couple takes hold of a decorated broom and has to jump over that broom. People from other cultures may not understand the significance of the ceremony so it will be helpful to explain it to them so that they, too, will appreciate that special moment in the program.

–          Acknowledgements. This lists the names of the people you wish to thank who helped you prepare for the wedding. You can also acknowledge loved ones who have passed on or who are unable to come but you still wish to remember on your wedding day.

–          Reception directions. It will also be helpful to include directions to the wedding reception location and the time they are expected there.

Other reminders.

–          Before you print out a large batch of the programs, make sure that you like the overall look of the program. You can make several samples and decide on the one you like best. You can also explore other media and get creative. You can incorporate the program into a fan that the guests can use to cool themselves during the ceremony, you can roll up the program like a scroll and so on.

–          Be sure to print-out one copy for proofreading.

–          Carefully check that spellings (especially of names) are accurate.


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