December 17, 2011 – Romantic Salt Lake City Wedding Reception Center

This bride looked at many wedding venues in Salt Lake City.  She chose Ivy House, a new Salt Lake wedding reception center, for her elegant celebration. Stunning black table cloths with ruby red and silver accents was the decor throughout the event.  The personality of the bride shone through as she and her bridesmaids stood on the spiral staircase blowing a kiss to her beau below.  Utah Celebrations catering awed guests when flipping fresh crepes which people could top with a variety of fruit and creams.  Beautiful classical music was played on the baby grand piano and guests enjoyed the peaceful and elegant atmosphere as they congratulated this romantic couple.  This celebration was one of the most beautiful wedding celebrations and took place in one of the most beautiful reception centers in Salt Lake City.  For stress-free and elegant wedding receptions in Salt Lake downtown, consider Ivy House Weddings. 

 Wedding receptions in Salt Lake City's Ivy House are romanticIvy House bride blowing kisses to her beau from the spiral staircaseBeautiful cakes look even more beautiful in Salt Lake City's wedding venue Ivy HouseCrepe flipping entertainment at Ivy House Wedding reception centerDelicious fruit and creams for filling your personal crepeFor stress-free and romantic wedding reception in Salt Lake City, choose Ivy House weddings.

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