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Tuesday’s Tip – Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Utah Wedding Venues

Utah Weddings bride ready to ask questionsYou have all kinds of ideas that you have been dreaming of and conjuring up for your perfect ceremony and reception at any of the many wonderful Utah wedding venues.  Your ideas are wonderful because they are yours!  After all, this is YOUR day, not your mother’s or your sister’s.  It’s your enchanting day at your wedding reception venue!

WM Mantel fabric swags IH13 09-28-13 2
This bride asked to create her own swag and decorations on the mantel to reflect her flair. Beautiful!

Some brides become too timid and are afraid to ask about doing certain things or using certain decorations and such at their venue.  Of course using proper etiquette and courteous tones, simply ask your Utah wedding reception center’s coordinator, wedding planner or vendor about your ideas.  Most times the ideas are wonderful and the vendor can oblige exactly as you envision.  Sometimes it can’t be done exactly the way you wanted, but something similar can happen.  Other times, it just is simply against a policy or a building code.  But why not ask?  The worst they can say is “no”.  Be brave.  This is YOUR special day.  Your reception needs to reflect your style and flair.  See some of the unique out of the ordinary styles that our Ivy House Brides have displayed over the past several years.  All they had to do is ask and we worked with them where possible.

wedding venues in Utah with hanging lanterns
The wedding party wanted to hang lanterns and tissue discs. This is now allowed from our lofty chandeliers, so they created this stand to frame their serving buffet tables. Turned out beautiful!

wedding places utah offers with hanging lanterns and discs

Wedding planners at Utah wedding venues should be your most-trusted experts that you will work with in this planning phase.  You should feel free to bounce ideas off her or him and trust that they are giving you honest answers and not just putting you off.  Having honest conversations with all your wedding reception vendors is crucial.  They should be helping you create a wonderful memory of a lifetime while helping you stay within your wedding budget.  So don’t hold back.  Be bold and ask them exactly what you are wishing for and how they can help you make it happen.  Remember to be flexible, but at least you’ve approached the ultimate request.

Utah wedding locations with mirrors and beautiful wedding cakes
Very carefully, this bride hung a wedding portrait from the mirror behind her wedding cake to add another dimension.

So, I encourage you to just ask about the possibilities at reception centers in Utah.  Usually the answer is “What a wonderful idea! We can do that!”  Plus be ready to be creative when compromise is called for.  What an exciting time!  Be brave and make it happen!

salt lake city wedding venues with spiral staircase
Though most do not, some brides like decorating the spiral staircase with lights or flowers or ribbons. This bride chose ribbon and lights. Striking!
utah weddings and pasta bar servers
Pasta bar chefs cooked up each guest’s pasta to perfection! This was a self-catered event.
Beautiful entrances at wedding venues salt lake city
Brides have added decals to our front entrance doors for a special elegant touch.
wedding canopies at utah reception centers
This bride hired a company to bring in a beautiful canopy to set up in the corner with a chandelier in the middle.
clever ideas at utah wedding reception
Picture frames hanging from the balcony to “frame” the cake nook.

Reception Venues in Salt Lake City Can Help You Leave Your Worries Behind

Crazy things can and often happen at wedding celebrations.  If you plan ahead and choose good reception venues in Salt Lake City run by Western Gardens, most of your worries will be resolved!  Your chances of experiencing those perfect moments during your celebration is dramatically increased.  Let the wedding professional worry about all the little details and you and your new spouse can focus on the tasks that only you can do!

When you’ve gotten so wrapped up in all the other details of the celebration as a whole, you are more apt to forget those details that only you can do.  My wedding day was wonderful and we had several moments when we had forgotten to do a task that only we could do for ourselves.  For example, my fiancé showed up at the wedding ceremony without having shaved his face!  He has been so nervous doing other things like picking up tuxedos, etc, that he forgot to do “his” task.  At first, I was frustrated with him, but then we laughed and realized how busy we had been and now the day was here and we needed to relax and enjoy each moment.

Do realize that on the day of your wedding, things will happen that are beyond your control.  Take the day as it comes and enjoy!  If you don’t want your venue to be among those laughable moments that you actually would like to cry about, then choose one of the wedding locations in Salt Lake City run by Western Gardens, like Ivy House Weddings or Atrium Weddings.  They will provide you and your guests with a beautiful setting and very little is left up to you to worry about.