Savvy Brides Ask For Help at Their Weddings in Salt Lake City

Neighbor women who helped cook at the pasta bar

For the most part, planning weddings in Salt Lake City is exciting and fun, but at times it can seem rather overwhelming. When you feel like it is just too much for you to handle, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it be picking up tuxes, hemming bridesmaids dresses, serving food, or picking out centerpieces, there will always be someone who is willing to help. The best people to ask are friends and neighbors who may have watched you grow up and care a lot about you.

 Simple decor created by the father ofd the bride!

In my neighborhood growing up, there were always women around who were willing to help with anything they could. They would make sure every young woman getting married was thrown a bridal shower, they would help with serving the food at the wedding and moreover volunteer their daughters to bus tables. When a bride was in need, they would willingly get to work.

Neighborhood girl helpers were great at clearing the tables.

This was especially true for one young woman in the neighborhood. About a year or two before her wedding, her mother passed away. Knowing that she would need some extra help, a few women showed up at her door asking what they could do. She wasn’t exactly sure what she needed to be doing herself, much less know how these women could help her. Since most of them had daughters of their own and knew a little about planning weddings, they were able to help her along the way. One helped with dress alterations, others helped put together the menu and gather all the food, others did the centerpieces and most all helped to serve and bus tables at the reception. She had very little to worry about in planning her wedding. Not only did she get a lot of help with her wedding, she learned that there were many women in her life who loved her and were willing to step in as mother figures when her mother was not there.

In planning your special day, remember that there are women and men in your life that will be more than willing to help with whatever you need. If you plan to have your event at Ivy House Weddings located in Western Gardens downtown Salt Lake City, you have the option of self-catering which can save money and provide an opportunity for others to help with your wedding.

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