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Planning A Wedding On A Budget

The wedding budget is becoming a growing concern for couples looking for SLC wedding reception facilities.  The amount of money you have available for your wedding does not need to stop you from having the unique, elegant wedding you have always wanted.  A wedding that you have dreamed of can still be yours, even through these unstable economic times.  To prevent anxiety while planning your wedding, use an open mind and take a while to think about the choices you are presented with for the different details of the wedding.

The Ivy House Salt Lake City Utah wedding venues can help you plan a wedding you have always dreamed of, because of their spacious, elegant venue.  There are different choices you can make, that the staff will show you, which might fit into your budget.

Handling some of the wedding details yourself, can save some of your wedding budget money.  Focusing on the fact that you are there to celebrate your blessed union, some of the more expensive parts of the wedding can be reduced without sacrificing the quality of the wedding.

Reserve wedding reception centers in salt lake city, so you will know how much is left in your budget for the rest of the wedding.  Your closest relatives and friends must attend the wedding to help you celebrate your union, however, cutting out other people will really cut down the cost of the wedding.  Every person attending the wedding will contribute to the cost in a number of ways, like the food, table floral decorations, guest favors, cake, invitations, which could all be saved by cutting your guest list down.

Planning to use the same SLC wedding venue, as the Utah wedding reception, can help save on your wedding budget.  Without the requirement of moving decorations from the wedding facility to the reception venue, will also save you unnecessary wedding day stress.

The wedding cake is another place you can save money on, by using a sheet cake for the guests and a small 2 tier wedding cake, instead of a large wedding cake.  The dinner is where the majority of the per guest cost is allocated, so skip the entree and serve appetizers and drinks.  Offering beer and wine, instead of a full bar, can also considerably cut down on your wedding budget.  You can always leave off the champagne toast, to reduce the wedding budget.

Another way to save on your budget is to make some of the wedding items yourself, like the, menu cards, wedding favors, escort cards, along with some of the other wedding details.  You can also save, by making some of the table decorations and flower arrangements yourself.  Create these decorations with flowers in season, and lots of greenery to save on your floral budget.  Do not choose the more expensive flowers, substitute them with non floral decorations.

These are just a few ideas that can help you have the wedding of your dreams, even on a budget.  The Ivy House staff will work with your budget, to provide you with the wedding of your dreams, while using their spectacular Utah wedding venues.

Why Go with a Professional Company for Your Wedding

Wedding professionals abound. There are wedding coordinators or wedding planners, wedding photographers and videographers, bakeries that specialize on wedding cakes, wedding caterers, wedding reception locations and many more.  There are even wedding reception centers that provide a comprehensive package on a lot of the key elements in a wedding.

The question is, is it really worth spending on these professonials rather than hiring a friend, a cousin or some distant relative to do the work for you?

The answer to that really depends on how well you want each item in your wedding to go. You may find that “taking a risk” with your friend who also dabbles in photography can pay off in terms of savings and the quality of the work. But there are also a lot of horror stories about how badly such an arrangement turned out. You may need to carefully consider what items in your wedding you can entrust to “amateurs” and which ones to assign to professionals. That is not to say that working with professionals always end up the way you want them to, but with professionals you can actually minimize the risk.

Here are some reasons why going with a professional company is well worth the expense:

You hold a contract. With a contract in hand, you can have a reasonable expectation as to how the job will turn out. You also have a legal recourse in case the provider fails to complete the job according to specifications. Remember, your wedding is not something you can have “do overs” for in case something does not turn out the way you want it to. Why risk getting fuzzy and unimaginative pictures by assigning a cousin and his friend to take the wedding photos with his point-and-shoot camera? Why risk having your caterer bail out at the last minute because it turned out that he can’t actually meet the demands of the catering job?

Professionals have extensive experience. You may think that planning is easy. Well, theoretically, it is. However, there may be instances that you have failed to consider just because you lack the experience of organizing an event like a wedding. Professionals, with their extensive experience on weddings, have a strong idea of how to deal with “what ifs” and on-site emergencies. Professionals also know what things can go wrong and may advice you to stay clear of potential pitfalls to avoid the headaches on your part.

Professionals have the necessary equipment. Professional photographers have the necessary photo and video equipment, as well as the lighting equipment and batteries that may be needed, especially for outdoor shoots. Professional caterers have industrial sized ovens and heaters to ensure that food is served hot and on time. They also have enough in terms of chafing dishes, servers and other catering implements. Wedding venues will have the necessary amenities such as a good sound system, decorations, chairs and tables, ample parking space and so on.

Professionals know the latest in the world of weddings. Wedding professionals do keep abreast about the latest innovations, fashions and designs. For instance, what is currently the most innovative wedding favor and where can you find it? What’s the latest technology to be used for wedding photography or videography? What new concept can a bride and groom present during the reception? You will find that you can get valuable advice and input from your professional wedding providers.

Saves time and money. Professionals have an extensive network of wedding-related providers which can save you time and money. For instance, a good wedding coordinator can actually negotiate a good deal from the caterer by virtue of his or her good relationship with the caterer. Also, Utah wedding reception centers such as The Ivy House offers excellent packages not just for the wedding or reception location but also for your wedding invitations, catering, linen, photography and videography, cakes and floral arrangements.

The Ivy House is a SLC, Utah wedding venue that is one good example of how working with a professional company will make it all the more easier for your and your fiance to plan your dream wedding.